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Get Involved

How can you get involved? Here's a few things you can do to help raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Advocacy - A Voice for Every Child

Children advocating for children is a powerful thing.

No voice is too small to be heard, and every voice matters.  If you are interested in being a child advocate, and need help, let us help you.  We never run out of ideas whether it's speaking to a small group of girl scouts or a classroom, to running a small fundraiser like a lemonade stand or selling bracelets outside a coffee shop - we can help you be heard.

Spread the word

The I Promise 15 Checklist

Spread the Word. Pay it forward. Our promise to Gavin is to get as many people as we can to promote by Action, Advocay, and Awareness by doing 15 activities over the next 15 months. Here's a good place to start. 

Show Your Support

Wear it. Carry it. Pin it. Use it.

What better way to get involved than to become a walking, talking voice for the cause? Our online store has hundreds of items you can wear, carry, pin, and use every day. The best part? All profits will benefit The Gavin Rupp Medical Fund.

Attend an Event

Volunteer. Participate. Donate.

Love to help people? Volunteer at any one of several upcoming charity events. Love to Run? Participate in a charity race. Want to help provide a means to an end? Purchase raffle tickets. Bid on auction items. Or just simply donate your money, time, or resources.

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