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About "I Promise 15" is an organization and concept that was started as a promise to a 13 year old boy named Gavin Rupp.  We wanted to find a way that conveyed Gavin's legacy of "Paying it Forward" to as many people as possible.  This site is only one small part of a larger vision of Gavin's legacy that the Rupp family has established.  Please see Chris and Sandy Rupp's message below. 




From Chris and Sandy Rupp:

"An ongoing conversation that we had with Gavin during his battle with cancer, and before, was about “Paying it Forward”.  This virtue was evident in Gavin’s day to day interactions as well as in how he approached his cancer battle.  In honor of this, our family has decided to set up a scholarship program that will embody “Paying it Forward” and carrying on Gavin’s legacy."


Gavin's Story:

In February 2011, Gavin was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was surgically removed and found to be malignant.  After 6 weeks of radiation and 12 cycles (months) of chemotherapy, he enjoyed 5 months of cancer-free and treatment free bliss.  In November 2012, a new tumor developed in his brain.  Again, he had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  He then participated in a clinical trial at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  Unfortunately, it was found not to be effective for him.  Gavin passed away on July 30, 2013.  His journey was chronicaled through CaringBridge.  He is the driving force behind iPromise15 and his legacy is carried on by his family, friends, supporters, and the community.  We welcome you to this site and hope you will make the same promise we did and continue his legacy.


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